Film Projects

For the Glory

FOR THE GLORY is based on the true life story of Kurt Kuykendall,
a one-time Olympic hopeful who became an Olympic athlete.
But not for the sport he intended!
Released in 2011.


Currently in pre-production, AGGIE (working title) is based on the true story of Aggie Hurst, the daughter of a Swedish missionary couple in Africa.
When Aggie’s mother died days after her birth, it began a series of events that left the little girl without a country and with a lot of questions as to who she really was. This is a film for anyone who has ever looked at their life and asked “why?” This project is in development.


We are an independent film company founded in 2002 and based in the Washington D.C. Metro area

Here in the shadow of the nation's capital, we run a modern facility equipped with HD edit suites with a host of capabilities. But amid this cutting edge technology we know that our main asset is our writing, production and technical staff. Because of the strong commitment on the part of our team, and the strong network we are developing with other filmmakers, we hope that 1Voice Films will build its own tradition of excellence.

The goal of 1Voice Films is to create films that are entertaining and competitive with the mainstream media, while presenting a message of truth and hope to our audience. We seek to do films that tell stories of personal triumph in the midst of adversity to encourage people in their everyday lives. Every film that comes out of 1Voice Films will be a breath of fresh air in a film industry, where it is all too easy to create films with cookie-cutter themes and stale storylines. We want to bring stories to the screen that most people have never seen before.

Our primary purpose in everything we do is to glorify God and to inspire audiences to seek out a personal relationship with Him through Jesus Christ. While we will leave the preaching to the pulpit, we will endeavor to include life principles and personal experiences through true stories that will contain enough "spiritual salt" to cause people to realize their thirst for something more in life.